It's Alive!

At long last, I’m bringing this blog back to life! In the past few years, I’ve taken a bit of a break from model building and now I’m back to start blogging once more, but also to expand the scope of the blog.

A little over two years ago I became a home owner, and as such now need to keep the home up and running as best I can. I also live in an area where labor is extremely expensive, so getting a contractor to do just about any work at all is a significant cost. This has led me to learn quite a few new skills and build quite a few new things on my own.

That said, my hope for the blog in the future is to be a mixture of a few things:
- model building
- home improvement projects
- woodworking projects

The goal with writing a bit about home improvement things is to show that many of the simple things are well within reach of the average homeowner. Hopefully with a bit of encouragement and a bunch of youtube videos, others will also feel comfortable taking on some of these projects and save themselves some money!

I’ve got a bunch of projects that I’ve done over the past few years that I’ll be writing about and sharing photos of, including such exciting undertakings as:

Building a Shed from Scratch

Building Some Raised Garden Beds

Building a New Desk

Making Planter Boxes

Building a Workbench in My Garage

Making a Toy Box

Hopefully these will be interesting and helpful to some people, so keep an eye out for new entries coming soon!
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