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This is my little blog about my scale modeling adventures. In what free time I have, I build plastic, wood and multi-media scale models. My goal with this blog is to document that build process for those that share similar interests and also to hopefully provide any insights I may have on the building techniques. The older blog posts are available in the column on the right side of this page, and the finished model photo galleries are available at the top of the page.

Without further ado...

New model ordered, Model Expo 2009

So I've ordered up a new model to start on: A Model Shipways 1:48 scale Armed Virginia Sloop. After finishing my first wooden model, I decided that I liked it, and that I should give something a little more complicated a try. I think I will also get the course on building this particular model from: Hopefully this will help me learn many of the tricks of the trade, without making a mess of things.

More info on the model, image source, etc can be had here:

Also, this weekend is Hobby Expo 2009, up in Petaluma. I only just discovered this the other day, and having never been to one of these things myself, I figured I would go up and check it out. I'm hoping there will be someone there selling some of the Maschinen Krieger (sp?) kits, since they seem to be tricky to find these days.
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First Post!

Since I've suddenly gained a great deal of free time in my life, I decided maybe I would try writing a bit. I don't know that I am a particularly good writer, or that anyone would actually have any interest in reading what I write. But either way, I figured I'd at least set this blog up and see how that goes.

This post will also let me see how things look and get my template/style set up properly.
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